Iconic Scribes Press Inc. is a small press which represents author Peter Thomas Pontsa and author / singer Angela van Breemen.

As part of my career in the dental industry, Peter authored many techno-clinical articles which appeared in various dental journals and he was an associate publisher for a denturist magazine.

After his retirement, he decided to develop my creative writing side and took a course at the University of Waterloo on Advanced Fiction Writing.

He is a member of the Wordsmiths, a writers’ group based in Alliston, Ontario, and a member of the Crime Writers of Canada where he has benefited from the mentorship program. He is also a member of the South Simcoe Arts Council.

He is an avid British sports car enthusiast who spent two seasons racing with Jagged Edge Motorsports, former president of the Headwaters British Car Club and a student of taekwondo with a second-degree blackbelt.

Peter is the author of Outfoxed – An Inspector William Fox Adventure.

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Outfoxed is the first in his series of books, and expects the second book, Silicon Fox to be available toward the end of 2024!

Angela is an avid writer of poetry and belongs to the Wordsmiths Writers’ Group and Poetry Circle Group based out of New Tecumseth, Ontario. Her debut novel, Past’s Life Revenge, a crime thriller with a twist of spiritualism will be released on July 9th, 2024. Upon being published, she will become a full member of the Crime Writers of Canada and member of the South Simcoe Arts Council.

Angela is a Soprano Soloist. A firm believer in giving back to the community, she often sings for different charitable organizations. Music and poetry have been an integral part of her life, and she is excited to announce her first CD, In The Breeze, will be released to the public on April 16th, 2024. The album is inspired by Celtic music and, includes three original pieces of music, based on her poetry.

Angela volunteers for Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre, a group dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and safe release of orphaned and injured Ontario wildlife and is their Website Administrator and Coordinator, IT & Data Management, Graphics, and Editor of the Procyon Post and Director. To learn more about her favourite charitable organization, visit: https://www.procyonwildlife.com/

Angela is the author of Past Life’s Revenge.

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She is also working on her second book in the David Harris and Emma Jackson Mystery series called Revenge Is Not Enough and expects it to be out in early 2025.